Thank you for supporting Street Child, Whether you're running, jumping, walking, donating, volunteering or spreading the word, you are helping Street Child's Emergency Covid-19 appeal. There is a catastrophe unfolding on our doorsteps and within our communities. COVID-19 now promises to bring untold suffering to the poorest, most fragile communities in the world.


For those living in extreme poverty, in urban slums, refugee camps, and those communities affected by war or previous humanitarian disasters, this is just the beginning. They are unprepared for what is coming and unable to respond to the carnage that will be left behind.


Street Child’s experience, built through the darkest hours of the Ebola crisis, coupled with our model of working arm-in-arm with a network of excellent local partners puts us in a unique position to help at this vital time.


The communities we serve need us to act. We are determined to do just that.


We have the experience. We have the skills. We have the plan. Now we need you.


Your support of the Street Child at this critical time could be the difference between communities surviving or not.


  • £35 could provide a hand-washing station enabling 150 people to access water to wash their hands and reduce the risk of infection.


  • £55 could provide vital supplies of disinfectant, masks, soap and sanitiser to a community of 250 people enabling them to protect themselves and help prevent the spread of the virus.


  • £120 could pay for a trained COVID-19 worker to support three communities for one month, communicating urgent life-saving messages about prevention and protection as well as providing psychological first aid for children and adolescents affected by the pandemic.


Thank you!


Street Child

Street Child’s Emergency COVID-19 Appeal is fighting the virus and its impact in the world’s toughest places. This includes urban slums, remote villages, refugee camps, and in communities affected by conflict or previous humanitarian disasters.

We are working hand-in-hand with our network of 44 local partners across 14 countries to urgently deploy the lessons learnt during the Ebola crisis, in order to limit the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable from the wider effects of the crisis, including extreme hunger.

Our teams are on the ground, ensuring key COVID-19 prevention messages are being heard by those who need to hear them most. We are providing vital sanitation stations, so people are able to wash their hands with clean water and soap. For the most vulnerable, we are providing emergency food bundles.

We believe that education is vital to lifting communities out of poverty. Over the last decade, we have helped over 250,000 children to go to school and learn. And so, during the COVID-19 crisis, when almost all of the children we work with are unable to go to school, we are working to ensure that they continue to get an education - whether via mobile phones, the radio, or by providing them with individual workbooks, pens, and paper.

If we are to stop COVID-19 turning from a health crisis into a humanitarian catastrophe, we need your help. Thank you.

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