Are you willing to sleep rough for one night to help prevent others from facing this harsh reality?

On 5th October 2017, Inn Churches are holding their fifth annual Suits on the Streets event.

If you are inspired, you can donate here to support Inn Churches. However, why not consider joining us for the event, creating your own fundraising page (which is really easy using the link above) and getting sponsored.


The venue is the old arches, near Forster Square train station in Bradford, a unique and interesting venue perfectly suited to host our sleep out. The event aims to highlight the harsh realities of homelessness and also offers the opportunity to raise vital funds that will directly support homeless people in Bradford.

What's it like?

The event does not try and replicate homelessness, but you will be sleeping outside, on cardboard, on the cold hard floor. There will be hot food, drinks, a roaring fire and buskers to keep people warm and entertained.

Suits on the Streets is a great event for teams or individuals to experience something together that, for many, is the reality of their everyday life. This often life-changing event is an amazing opportunity for team building and will give a collective experience completely different from the norm.

Check out the video from a team which took part in a previous Suits on the Streets event.

How does it work?

Either volunteer as an individual or a team, or nominate a "suit" from your office (with their permission!).

The "suits" give up their bed for the night and come and sleep out under the arches with us.

The money you raise when friends, colleagues and family sponsor you for the night makes it possible for Inn Churches to offer practical help to homeless people in the winter months, including a bed for the night, hot meals and support into long-term accommodation.

Inn Churches

Helping those on the margins.

Inn Churches provides shelter and practical support to people who are homeless or vulnerably housed. We also now work to tackle food poverty through intercepting, storing and distributing surplus food, and turn food waste into healthy and delicious meals.

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Join in!

If you'd like to join us as a "suit" - either on your own or as part of a team - then get in touch with us on

You can start your fundraising today using the link above.

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