Did you know a simple family photo could save your child’s life and sight?  When cancer grows in the eyes of babies and young children, the flash is reflected off its surface, causing the pupil to glow white in the photo.  If you are concerned about the appearance of your child’s eye, seek medical advice promptly.  Follow the links on this page for more information about how to take photos to check for normal red eye reflex in babies and young children.

We need your help to spread this simple message.  We need your help to bring hope to thousands of children and their families around the world fighting eye cancer.

The Childhood Cancer Gold Ribbon celebrates the victory of each life saved, cherishes the memory of every precious life lost, and shines with the hope of cure for all children worldwide.

Be Bold in Gold by hosting a Golden Glow Day at your school or workplace during September, especially between September 28th-30th.

September 29th 2004 is the date on which a simple email from a desperate mother in Africa sparked an outpouring of love that evolved into Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund. By coincidence, September 29th is also the Feast of St Michael, Patron Saint of Sick Children, often celebrated with wreathes of Michaelmas Daisies. So we encourage you to host a Dress Gold Day on September 29th, or the closest working day, to embrace children with retinoblastoma and bring hope to their families.


Curable eye cancer kills 7,000 children each year and blinds many more. We bring life and sight saving opportunities to children worldwide by raising awareness to achieve early diagnosis and rapid referral, delivering sustainable specialist medical care, and providing family support that reduces burdens and improves chances of cure.

Simply click on the 'Start Fundraising' button and in minutes you can build your own fundraising page and approach your supporters for a donation by sharing the unique link of your webpage.  Each donation is recorded on your page along with your donors' messages of support.  With your online fundraising page, you'll be going for gold in no time for children with eye cancer!

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