Keeping Syria Warm


Millions of people across the world are forced to live in harsh conditions during winter.

Without adequate clothing, proper shelter and temperatures dropping to as low as -5 degrees, this winter could be their last…

Family events and Human Aid UK have come together to help vulernable families inside with Emergency winter packs.

What can you do?


Join us in our battle and together we can make sure Winter does not Win!

We aim to distribute 500 winter family packs, and 500 heaters this winter.

The campaign starts here. But don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of a series of events between 23-26 December where we will highlight the campaign and giving guests an opportunity to donate towards this essential cause. The evenings will consist of a story from the Quran delivered in true story telling fashion, The Keep Syria Warm presentation, beautiful Quran recitation and dinner. The events are open to everyone, Click here to book your free place.

Please don't forget - Raise your Hands - #Pray4Syria



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Human Aid UK

Human Aid UK is an international humanitarian charity which strives to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed.

Our vision: Bringing hope to life

Our mission: Connecting hearts to the oppressed; as a result of man made disasters; by providing dignity, empowerment and independence. This is by growing initiatives which provides real benefits.
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