We are raising funds to buy instruments. You’ve heard of the saying that a puppy isn’t just for Christmas? Well, a one-off music workshop is great, but we want to give each student we work with a ukulele so they can continue to learn and share with those around them. Ukuleles are not expensive instruments, costing just over £10 each, and it would be wonderful if we could raise the money to come with instruments for the children we work with. Each class has approximately 30 children, so raising £350 would give one entire class instruments, and £1000 would provide instruments for all three classes we plan to work with.

We are going to Los Angeles as part of the Music with Teaching  BMus degree. This small group of students had to apply a year in advance to be selected for the International Experience module. The students are responsible for designing and planning the intensive trip to America. This year we have formed a folk group and will be presenting workshops at primary schools and with staff members at schools and those working at UCLA’s UniCamp. We will be teaching the children and teachers to play ukulele and sing songs with us. Songs will have a folk theme, and Sylwia (one of our students) will be teaching songs in her native language, Polish. 

The students going on the trip have already raised £1000 as part of their planning and part of the wider experience. This module truly gives the chance to apply all the learned skills of teaching to a real-life context – and that includes all the logistics of transportation, lodgings, navigating different languages and school systems, as well as preparing the workshop’s musical material.  The money raised goes toward our transportation costs getting to and from the airport, luggage costs, car hire, and cultural activities.

The final push toward the equipment would make the experience both memorable and lasting for us and for those we work with in America. 

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