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Supporting Southmead Hospital Charity

In 2018/19, Halsall is continuing with its charitable activity and has pledged to support Southmead Hospital Charity, specifically its Renal Fund.

Southmead Hospital Charity raises money to support the work of Southmead Hospital, Cossham Hospital and other community health services in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset areas. Working alongside staff and patients, the Charity fund-raises for projects which are beyond the remit of the NHS but which have a huge impact on the lives of patients.

Following on from the Company’s successful fund-raising last year, Andy Corp, Halsall’s Managing Director, is confident that Halsall can be as equally successful and is looking forward to supporting ‘Southmead Hospital Charity’ throughout 2018 and beyond adding:

I am aware that the Hospital has been at the forefront of the kidney transplant programme for many years and has some of the best success rates in the country. One of our colleagues has recently needed the help and support of the Renal facilities so choosing a new charity which reflects our thanks, was a great decision to make. We’re passionate about this commitment which makes supporting ‘Southmead Hospital Charity’ a really worthwhile and moving venture. Knowing that the money we will be able to raise will be used to improve the lives of so many who will be faced with such adversity, is something we’re very proud of”.

Staff and clients can make a direct donation or fundraise through this hub to help Halsall achieve its fundraising target of £15,000 and help more patients in Bristol and the South West receive the very best possible care locally.

Southmead Hospital Charity

Southmead Hospital Charity raises funds to support the healthcare services at Southmead Hospital, Cossham Hospital and in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset communities. Working alongside our clinical teams, therapeutic support staff and our patient community, we raise funds for projects that are beyond the remit of the NHS.

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