Your Place, Your Pace, Your Race! 

Perennial has supported people working in all branches of horticulture for 180 years and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! We’re launching a brand-new virtual event to commemorate this landmark year, taking place throughout June when the 180th day of the year falls.

We challenge you to walk or run a marathon within a month and the best part is, every step counts. Whether you want to boost your fitness, or simply take a stroll in the summer evenings, the pressure’s off and you can set your own pace. 

But for the more competitive participants, there is a leaderboard that tracks your progress with exercise tracking apps should you wish to raise the bar and spur yourself on that extra mile to be the 1st over the finish line, or challenge your colleagues.

We’re targeting sponsorship at £180pp but every penny raised goes towards changing horticulturists lives for the better. £180 could provide families living with cancer to reach their treatment sessions or help a retired horticulturist in ill health to heat their home.

We help anyone who creates or maintains gardens, parks, sports facilities and other green spaces. If you work with plants, trees or grass, or work in the places where they grow, Perennial is your charity. Everyone working in or retired from horticulture is eligible for our free and confidential services, including one-to-one advice, support and financial assistance at any time during their lives, including retirement.

Our highly trained, friendly and professional team helps families and individuals coping with life-changing events for as long as it’s needed. We believe no-one should be denied help simply because they do not know how to access it and this year, we want to reach more people than ever before.

While we are best known for helping people when they get into difficulty, we also work with people to prevent situations spiralling out of control. We are working hard to let everyone in the industry know about us and feel confident to get in touch before reaching crisis point and we need your help to spread the word.

Taking part in Perennial’s Marathon Month helps to do just that, plus raise vital funds to support the work that we do.

Perennial - Gardeners' Royal Benevolent Society

We are the UK’s only charity dedicated to helping people who work in horticulture when times get tough.

We provide free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance to people of all ages working in, or retired from horticulture. Click here to find out how Perennial could help you, email us or call 0800 093 8510 today.

21 heroes fundraising today.

Don’t think you’re in this alone. Here at Perennial, we will be rising to the challenge too. Check out our team here.

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