West Highland Way Race 2018

in aid of Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes

95 Miles - 14,000 Feet - under 35 hours - for Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes because the demands upon the charity grow each year.

 For those who have supported my 'adventures' before, thank you for coming here again.  You'll know some of this but for others I'll recap.

 The West Highland Way Race is one of the world’s longest established ultra-marathons, first taking place in 1985 on the long distance trail between Milngavie (just north of Glasgow) and Fort William in the Scottish Highlands.  It has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the ‘classic’ ultra-marathon races, attracting runners to Scotland from all over the world.  Entry is limited to 265 runners each year.

Why this time SSCBB?  They are a wholly volunteer-supported out-of-hours transport service  for urgently-needed blood, drugs, donated breast milk (to feed premature babies) and any other urgent medical requirements, both between hospitals and to, or from, blood or human milk banks.

It would be great to fund a new blood bike.  But at a cost of approx £12,000 this would be a challenge! So be assured your donations will support this valuable service by helping cover ever-present daily running costs such as fuel and tyres, bike servicing and road tax, rider training and much more. It costs around £1,250 each year to keep a blood bike on the road, without these the bike cannot operate!


Thank you for your support

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