The Bristol Breast Care Centre supports breast cancer patients every step of their journey from initial screening to radiology; surgery to counselling; all taking place under one roof - with comfort and familiarity gained from on-going contact and support from staff. 

Southmead Hospital Charity's 'Bristol Breast Care Centre Appeal' has provided dedicated waiting areas for breast care patients’ only, peaceful indoor and outdoor spaces to sit and take in diagnosis, and easily understandable signage to swiftly direct patients where to go. It has been designed to create a peaceful, light environment to help lessen the stress experienced by patients.

Thanks to the generous support given to the Appeal, the Bristol Breast Care Centre will vastly improve the lives, health and life expectancy of thousands of women across the region.

This means:

- higher survival rates resulting from access to the best treatments and research;

- a more effective service, due to centralised, bespoke care - all provided under one roof;

- a much improved ‘patient experience’ through the provision of a peaceful, welcoming and supportive environment, and a vast array of services and support;

- a larger research team accessing investment in research and innovation;

- an increased ability to disseminate learning and influence national policy, resulting from the amalgamation of the three existing services.

If you would like to continue to show your support for this amazing centre, please donate today.

Dedicate a blossom

Adjacent to the new Bristol Breast Care Centre is the iconic cherry blossom tree - reflecting the beauty and fragility of nature. Its spectrum of seasonal colours is a metaphor for the circle of life.

We want to re-create the beauty and tranquillity of the cherry blossom tree within the building with replica blossom branches. For a suggested donation of £75 you will have the opportunity to dedicate your blossom. Many have chosen to do this to celebrate their own recovery or in recognition of group fundraising for the centre.

As the Cherry Blossom Donation Tree is designed to be uplifting, we kindly ask that messages are positive and celebratory. We are not able to accept memorial style messages.

How to dontate:

It is easy to make a donation to the Bristol Breast Care Centre Appeal.

If you would like to make a donation online, simply click the 'Donate' button above and follow the steps on the form.

You can also send a cheque made payable to Southmead Hospital Charity with a cover letter explaining that you would like to donate to our Bristol Breast Care Centre Appeal. Please send any cheques to Southmead Hospital Charity, Southmead Hospital BS10 5NB

Southmead Hospital Charity

Southmead Hospital Charity raises funds to support the healthcare services at Southmead Hospital, Cossham Hospital and in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset communities. Working alongside our clinical teams, therapeutic support staff and our patient community, we raise funds for projects that are beyond the remit of the NHS.

''Nothing can remove the shock of diagnosis, but a sensitive, caring and familiar environment - all under one roof - can really help women come to terms with their illness.''

Mike Shere and Jane

''The team at Southmead were great, and reassured me the lump I was referred with was OK – but they found traces of calcium in my other breast, so I had to go to a different breast screening centre for a needle biopsy - then come back to Southmead for the result. It turned out I had some pre-cancerous cells in the calcium deposits. In the new centre, all this will be done in the same place, will be much quicker and be a much less stressful experience for me. I am so pleased women in the future will hopefully benefit from the new centres facilities and have everything done there.''

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