Across the UK, millions of children who feel sad, afraid or alone are facing serious and worsening situations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. While CHICKS break are off, we want them to remember that people believe in them, that they are valued, important and loved.

So this May, we're inviting you to stand beside every child who is living in poverty, struggling to cope with caring responsibilities, grieving for someone they love, or missing a parent on the front line, by taking part in a Rainbow Walk.

To join the fun, we want to see you dress in your finest, brightest, most colourful clothes, pick your route and head out for a Rainbow Walk with your household. You might want to cycle, skip or run, whichever you choose, as long as you’re outfit is bursting with colour and happiness - that’s perfect!

To make fundraising for your Rainbow Walk even easier, we've partnered with Everyday Hero to give you the ability to create your own online fundraising page.

In just minutes you can build and customise your page, then start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues and asking them to make a donation. Every donation is then recorded on your fundraising page along with a message of support from your donors. So what are you waiting for? Create your own online fundraising page today!


CHICKS is a children’s charity providing free week-long respite breaks for hundreds of children and young people living in difficult circumstances across the UK.

From our Daleside Retreat in Derbyshire, children and young people aged 8-15 who are living in poverty, suffering the effects of bullying, abuse or bereavement, or coping with the responsibilities of being young carers are given the chance to escape their challenging circumstances. The chance to have adventures, create positive memories and build their confidence.

CHICKS has provided much-needed breaks to more than 16,000 children and relies solely on the generosity of supporters to fund this vital service. £1.8m is needed every year to continue giving children the opportunity to be children.

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